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Screen shot 2013 06 22 at 5.12.29 PM 300x178 I’m sitting here with writers’ block trying to express cogently and succinctly what 24-7 is internationally and the emphasis that the Lord has been placing on us here in Canada as we walk out this journey. I must admit I feel a little bit like the Abbess from the Sound of Music, “how do you catch a cloud and pin it down.”

24-7 is an amazing story of God’s direction and leading in spite of our lack of clarity and foreknowledge. Perhaps the best introduction to 24-7 would be for you to get Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and read for yourself the amazing story of God’s direction often, admittedly, in spite of us!

Simply put 24-7Prayer is an organization that exists to foster a lifestyle of Christ-centered and mission minded prayer. This has taken many forms as you can see by exploring the international site, which is a fantastic resource to learn all the details of the movement.

C.S.Lewis is reported to have commented to a friend during his wife’s terminal illness, “prayer doesn’t change God, prayer changes me.” In our journey as Christians we often resort to prayer as a bit of a superstitious chant to incant over our events and plans rather than seeing it as the life blood of communication with God. When prayer is viewed this way the goal is not that God would bless ‘our’ plans and decisions, but rather that our plans and decisions would be God’s plans and decisions and that He would lead and guide us. Prayer then is the first step not the last step!

Often people wonder if this kind of emphasis on prayer will lead to myopia or as the common idiom suggests people might be ‘too heavenly minded for any earthly good.’ In actuality our experience has been the exact opposite. As people have spent significant time in a prayer room setting aside time in communication with God, they actually become a force to be reckoned with, moving to the ends of the earth, offering their time, their money and their lives to the Lord. Community houses spring up offering not just respite through consistent rhythms of prayer and worship, but cultural engagement and influence as those around them experience for themselves the reality of Emmanuel, ‘with us God!’

Hopefully that gives you a little bit of a flavour for who we are as a movement. I’m sure that you may have many other practical questions: how many people are needed to pray for a week, practical suggestions for pulling a room together, history of prayer rooms and loads of other stuff. In the coming months we will add to the links below updating and making available all kinds of resources and information for groups.

For the Canadian leadership team,
Chris Jones


24-7 Prayer in Canada

In John chapter 3 Jesus spends some time chatting with a man named Nicodemus – During the course of that conversation Jesus comments to Nicodemus that the Spirit of God is like the wind, we don’t know where it comes from or where it is headed but we see its effects on us and the surroundings. Leading 24-7 can be a little bit like chasing the wind, or trying to contain water in our hands – it always seems to escape definition, and yet we feel it, we know it, we can sense it. It is something deeper than words can express. As a result we end up writing poetry or songs or telling stories to try and define what 24-7 is! What follows is our expression of following this ‘wind’ that Jesus spoke of, and the international Vision and Values of 24-7Prayer.
You can also check out ‘resources‘ for the words of ‘the vision’ and some other helpful info,

Hope these little bits help!

February 2007

24-7 is an organic movement. Prayer cannot be boxed in or controlled or defined into a programme. It is absolutely pure. A pure relationship with Jesus Christ.

We as the leadership of 24-7 Prayer Canada believe we carry a mandate of authority to invite people to pray; to experience prayer; and to be a missional community of prayer.
And we are committed to carry this privileged voice.

We are committed to influencing this nation; to place prayer as an important heartbeat of all Kingdom and earthly journeys.

24-7 Prayer Canada is first the invitation to pray.
And out of this prayer comes community.
And out of community we pray.
And out of community and prayer will flow justice and mission.
We celebrate this profound mystery and welcome it with a unified “Amen”.

Although organic, we also value the structure that creates safety and clarity.
Every healthy system has both organic and order co-existing.
24-7 Prayer Canada is the same.

There is room for the organic development of unique diverse expressions of prayer and community; this is 24-7 Prayer Canada.
There is also room for the order of a clear presentation, a defined conviction, a structured passion; this is 24-7 Prayer Canada.

We are committed, as a national team, to live in the tension of order and organic.
We celebrate them simultaneously, knowing it will also allow for more people to play.

We believe a similar experience of that in Acts.
We begin in the upper room, with prayer and togetherness.
And with the empowering of the Spirit of God, will then flow into the streets; where holy community begins to grow and be established.

It is clear that 24-7 Prayer is first organic. And we must remember that.
However, it is also clear that all organic life also emulates structure.
We recognize that structure, when it co-exists with an organic system, does not compromise the life that is growing within the system.

We welcome both wholeheartedly.