Pray for Fort McMurray as Fire Rages

As fire rages out of control, please join us in prayer for the people who have lost homes and belongings, the evacuations that have and are taking place, the firefighters...continued

Mentoring in 24-7

If you want to be trained and mentored in the culture and action of 24-7 Prayer, consider the Vision Course in Vancouver, starting in September 2016.


Here's an image we've put together to help sum up continued

24-7 Prayer 2015 Highlights

Check out the cool infographic of some of the 2015 highlights of 24-7 prayer!   continued


Everyone can pray, and they don't have to be in one particular, super-special-sacred place to do it."The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.The world and all its people belong to him." Psalm 24:1continued


tpsdave / Pixabay
This is Part #1 in 24-7 Prayer Canada’s prayer strategy for 2016 and beyond. It is super easy, and everyone can join in. Here is the idea:Everyone can pray, and they don’t have to be in one particular, super-special-sacred place to do it. The earth...continued

The Word is Light, episode 16

The Word is Light, episode 16
"those who walk in darkness have seen a great light"Hannah Heather takes us into Isaiah for Advent podcast #16  

The Word Becomes Flesh, advent podcast 15

The Word Becomes Flesh, advent podcast 15
The busyness of the Christmas season threatening to swamp you?Then this is a good time to take a few minutes and prepare for who the season is really about. Take some advent time, some prep time and join Carla Harding for this podcast, The Becomes Flesh....continued

Advent Podcasts Episode 12 (not to be confused with that episode VII movie coming out this week)

Advent Podcasts Episode 12 (not to be confused with that episode VII movie coming out this week) The Advent series continues with Pete Greig. Join in now, it's not too late. 

New Kind of Pharmacy

[24-7 Prayer's Aaron White who ministers with the Salvation Army in Vancouver's Downtown East Side has a great new blog called Screaming Redeemed. This is one of his posts from this week]Very strange...continued

Advent Podcasts 2015 Begin

Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. As John the Baptizer told his hearers to prepare for the coming of the King and the Kingdom so we must prepare for Jesus' birth. Our hearts, our lives and our priorities get reordered at Christmas...continued
The Church of England did a video to be shown in movie theatres as an advertising about prayer called .  The video shows a variety of people in a a variety of contexts praying The Lord's Prayer.  Does that sound particularly radical?Apparently...continued

Red Moon Rising, new edition!

Red Moon Rising, new edition!
You can pick up the kindle edition of Red Moon Rising on today free! Marking 24-7 Prayer's 15 th anniversary, this edition includes added insights, stories and a study guide in the book that chronicles the rise of the 24-7 Prayer Movement.Red...continued

What’s Going On In Here?

"What is going on in here?"The question came from a teen who was taking part in a job training program in an old stone church in downtown Guelph. She was used to the room next...continued

Church Planters United in Prayer

   Over 600 Canadian church planters lifted their voices united in song and prayer this week. The occasion was the bi-annual Church Planting Canada Congress in Montreal....continued